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    Off Road Ready Preparation

    Off Road / Overland / Race

    Off road ready and overland preparation, get your 4x4 from the likes of Ford, Nissan ,Toyota, Land Rover or Mitsubishi ready for off road adventures adding everything from a suspension lift and snorkel to remapping and body modifications. The advantage of using a specialist such as EDGE OFFROAD is you gain from our experience of off road and overland.


    At EDGE Garage as 4x4 specialists we uniquely offer fixed price Off Road Ready Packs these include all the basics to get you rolling off road, the pack includes diff guards, snorkel, suspension lift, winch bumper and are available for Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery 1, 2 and 3, Range Rover and most pick ups like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux plus Land Cruiser variants such as Amazon and Colorado. Check out some options in our shop

    Specialist vehicle preparation

    Specialist Vehicle Preparation

    Utility / Mining / Access

    As experts in the field of off road preparation we can help fleets with access need cost effectively build and on fleet their vehicles. With the ending of Land Rover Defender production the choice of effective offroad vehicles has diminished. Let EDGE help you both choose and build effective vehicles for your fleet.


    Whether you are a finance company, utility company or mining operation we can build you effective vehicles ready to roll for your needs delivered cost effectively with expert support and back up.

    Utility Pick up and Land Rover Defender Utility Restoration

    Utility Pick up and Land Rover Defender Utility Restoration

    Utility / Mining / Access

    We are Land Rover Experts, with the ending of Land Rover Defender production a number of fleets have Defenders in utility and other specifications. Your decision is to replace these with Pick Up Trucks that lack the off road ability of the Defender or??


    EDGE have the solution we will restore your Defender fleet for less than the cost of replacement and extend their life. Restoration can include everything from the complete body and chassis to simple running gear overhauls.


    Contact us now for an assessment of your fleet before you change it!